Green Lion Transparent Mouse

6.900 .د.ب 9.000 .د.ب

The Green Lion Transparent Mouse is a distinctive and stylish device that provides a variety of features to enhance your computer experience. Thanks to the range of connection options available including wireless and Bluetooth you can effortlessly connect to your devices including those running Windows iOS, without any problemA 3 million click lifespan and 2400 DPI resolution provide pinpoint accuracy and precise cursor control, making it ideal for activities requiring attention to detail. The mouse will last for a long time because durability is guaranteed. The powerful 400mAh battery provides prolonged use without constant recharging. You can see inside the mouse for a distinctive touch, and its sleek and translucent design adds beauty to your office. With features like the ability to connect to three devices at once, this mouse reduces frequent switching. The Green Lion Transparent Mouse satisfies your need for multitasking on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Mobility is provided by its Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters. It is perfect for professionals, students, or casual users equally and is designed to increase productivity. Mouse Connection- Wireless – BT ᛒ – Charging Clicking Life: 3 million Times Battery Capacity: 400mAh Modern, Slim Beautiful Support Windows iOS 2400 DPI Resolution Connect 3 Devices Rechargeable 10m Range Pin Point