Green Lion Compact Power Bank 15000mAh PD 45W

15.900 .د.ب 20.000 .د.ب


Are you tired of your phone constantly running out of charge? Or maybe you’re sick of slow charging speeds? Keep your phone or other electronic devices charged wherever you are with this high-capacity power bank. The capacity of this portable power bank is 15000mAh with 57.75 watts-hour (Wh) which shows the total amount of electrical energy the power bank can store and provide to charge electronic devices. This versatile power bank is equipped with USB type-A & USB type-C outputs and USB-type C input that can provide a maximum output of 22.5W and 45W respectively. You can charge your device rapidly due to Quick Charge 3.0 with 22.5W and Power Delivery with 20W. Its LED display shows a specific percentage of the power bank’s remaining charge. So, whether you’re traveling, working or you are on the go, you can charge your device whenever you needed without reducing speed.


  • Battery Capacity 15000mAh 57.75Wh
  • 22.5W USB-A Output
  • 20W PD Fast Charge
  • 45W Type-C In & Out
  • QC 3.0 22.5W
  • LED Display
  • EAN : 6935100171555
alt=" there is a black compact power bank that connected to gray laptop
there is a black power bank in a hand that is a man hand with black watchk


Capacity 15000 mAh
Battery Lithium Ion Polymer
Input Type-C PD 45W
Output 22.5W USB-A Output 45W PD Type-C